Address:Ganesh Nagar,
Opp. KSRTC Bus Depot,

Call: +91 9886765243 / 9108816166

Dean's Message


It gives me an immense pleasure to welcome you to Ballari Business College(BBC). The structure of this college has been erected by the architects of erudite knowledge consummate skills and fidelity. Its foundations are solid; its compartments are beautiful as well as useful. Its arrangements are full of wisdom and order and its defences are impregnable. It has been reared for immortality.

At Ballari Business College(BBC), education is a tripolar process - imparting knowledge, development of skills and inculcation of positive attitude to make the students the total quality people. ie. the people with character, integrity, good values and positive attitude.


  • learning is a five stage process: understanding, comprehending, conceptualizing, Communicating and functionalizing to train the students to compete for the future i.e. to have sustainable competitive advantage over their competitors.
  • the class rooms are transformed from amoral class rooms to moral class rooms with socratic modesty and spartan simplicity.
  • mono-disciplinary approach is replaced by multi-disciplinary approach
  • colonial class room culture is replaced by participating, democratic and secular culture for decolonization and democratization of minds

Thus BBC is,

  • a forum to equip the young to step into the global village of unprecedented opportunities and challenges.
  • a model center to match the needs of the students and economic institutions
  • a device to open the parachutes of young minds which function only when they are open
  • an agency to cultivate leadership
  • an institution to nurture entrepreneural talent
  • a basic resource for sustainable development nad
  • a center for creative thinking

Hence, one can expect the unexpected at BBC i.e. Breaking the limits, surpassing expectations, setting new standards and innovative education.

Dr. S. Jayanna, M.Com, Ph.D

Dean - Ballari Business College

College Address

Ballari Business College

Ward No. 35, Ganesh Nagar,
Opp. KSRTC Bus Depot,
Siruguppa Road,
Ballari 583103

+91 9886765243/9108816166
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