B.B.A ( B.B.M)

BBM studies are an important medium that facilitates improvement of leadership qualities and turns out excellent future managers. This course with specialization in different areas prepares students to face the constantly advancing corporate world and impart effective people-management skills. This Course emphasis is not just in creating good managers but also on improving and enhancing existing skills while passing on managerial competence to the students.



Srujana K, Reg. No. N1911333, 91.2%

P Haritha, Reg. No. N1911303, 92.8%

Keerthi K, Reg. No. N1911264, 88.8%


Shubham H Khamitkar, Reg. No. N1811304, 85.8%

B Krupa Sri, Reg. No. N1811217, 90%

Surya Prashanth T, Reg. No. N1811312, 86.6%